Fin Garden, a beautiful garden in Kashan, Iran.

My moment of change for equality: in a dusty garage in Iran

Some people have a moment in their lives when everything changes. You might not realize at the time, but it changes you profoundly. The moment is often connected to a strong emotion; fear, happiness, devastation or something else.  I’ve had a few of those along my journey in life. 

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Coaching: a powerful tool to help solve our global challenges

Working together for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world we should use all means possible. Coaching is one of those means. Professional coaching a is powerful tool that helps a person go in the direction they want to go and enables sustainable change from within. Changemakers are driving positive change by raising their voices and taking the lead on the biggest challenges we face globally and by making coaching available to changemakers will help us speed up the solutions to our global challenges.

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